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Corporate Structure of The Gazprom Group

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Alexei B Miller

Alexei B Miller
The Gazprom Group is a corporate alliance. Therefore it's government will be organized as such.

The Chairman of the Gazprom Group

The Head of The Gazprom Group. The Chairman forms broad policy for the CEO and his Directors to execute. The Chairman is the Commander in Chief of the Gazprom Group Defense Force. Only the Chairman is allowed to declare and end wars.
The Chairman may dissolve the Board of Directors triggering elections by default. If no one runs for a directorial position the Chairman, receives the power of appointment or may assume power of the department at the approval of the Board of Directors and CEO of Gazprom Group. The Chairman has the power to create departments within the Board of Directors. The Chairman has the power to veto any BoD directive or Charter Changes.
The Chairman may not be kicked out of office, when the Chairman resigns. He is responsible for the picking of his successor, which will typically be the Vice-Chairman. If there is NO vice-chairman as the Chairman fails to appoint a successor, the Board of Directors will appoint one.

The CEO of the Gazprom Group

The CEO is the second most powerful person in the corporation. Charged with executing Chairman policy, developing BoD directives, and officiating BoD directives. The CEO rules through the executive departments.
The CEO has the power to delay the Chairman directives activation period of up to one week. Unless the Chairman's directives are those relating to security.
The CEO is not apart of the BoD, and may be removed by a vote of no confidence in the board of directors.

Board of Directors

The legislative organ of the corporation. The BoD executes Chairman broad policy and makes up it's own policy to execute. The BoD has the power to reject Chairman directives by a simple majority (unrelated to security). Members of the BoD are Directors who rule independently in executing Chairman policy, but rule with conditions when executing BoD policy. The BoD has the power to do away with the CEO at the request of the subsidiaries, or a vote of no confidence by a simple majority. The BoD has the power to change the Charter of the Gazprom Group. (Although the Chairman have veto power) The BoD is a powerful organization meant to keep the power of the Chairman in check.


The Monetary Authority of The Gazprom Group. Is meant to be independent from the pressure of the Board of Directors. Governors serve at the whim of the Chairman. The Governor's primary task is to facilitate the execution of the Chairman's broad policy. He only reports to the Chairman, but is required to work in tandem with the Director of Economics to carry out policy.


Members of the Gazprom Group must apply with the Department of Public Relations. Members are referred to as subsidiaries as Gazprom Group is designed as a corporation. As subsidiaries they are obliged to follow all policy and directives set out by the government.

Rule Obligations:

- Register with DPR to become official member

- Do not declare war without permission from the DoS or Chairman.

- All loans from Gazprombank MUST be repaid, unless you get a waiver from the Governor of Gazprombank or Chairman themselves.

- ALL ethics laws must be obeyed.

* All laws not ethics or defense related are advisory unless otherwise stated.

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